“ GECO” Which was Established In the Year 1964

As One of The Larges Manufacturing Of  Packaging Machinery & Plant Fully  Automatic -&- Semi Automatic For     Such As: Containers Filling, Drum  Filling,  Sealing, Heat Sealing, Lid Fixing, and So many more Power Drive Conveyor,  Roller Conveyor For Containers -&- Drums Simultaneously Pneumatically / Electrically  Operated As per requirement Of Industries.  


Lube Oils, Greases, Paints, ( Enamel –to-  Emulsion Paints)  Chemicals,    Pesticides, Food Stuff, etc.

Capacity Range:  From 200 ml -to- 200 - Litres Containers / Drum with different type of  Machines

Filling Speed :  From  8 -to- 50  -Containers per minute   with different type of  Machines

Our Products User In Pakistan & International:

Lubricants Industries:-

M/s. Shell Pakistan Ltd,  M/s. Pakistan State Oils Ltd,   M/s. BP Ltd, M/s. Mehran Oils Ltd,  M/s. Pakistan Lubricant  Ltd,    M/s. Bulochestan  Lubricant Ltd,     M/s. Jamia  Industries Ltd,    M/s. Petromark  Ltd,    M/s. Zamirsons Ltd, M/s. Lubritech Ltd, M/s. Oils Industries Pakistan Ltd. M/s. Haroon Oils Ltd. M/s. Kamaran  Lubricants  Ltd . and  So many more similar Industries  since 3 –decades satisfactorily. an other then above recently supplied to M/s. Pak Hy-Oils Ltd. also.

Paints Industries :-

M/s. ICI Pakistan Ltd, Lahore , M/s. Berger Paints Pakistan Ltd, Karachi-&-Lahore ,   M/s. Buxly Paints Ltd, Karachi ,  M/s. Nelson Paints Ltd,  Karachi ,M/s. Pearl Paints Ltd, Karachi,  M/s. Nico Paints Ltd, Karachi,   M/s. Rainbow Paints Ltd, Karachi , M/s. Champion Paints Ltd, Lahore,  M/s. Diamond Paints Ltd, Lahore ,    M/s. Sika Paints Industries Ltd,  Lahore,    M/s. Ammna Chemical Industries Ltd Lahore, & So many more similar Industries since 1-to- 3 – decades    satisfactorily. and an other then above recently supplied to M/s. Chawala Chemical Metal  Ind. Ltd. Lahore.

Foods and Edible Oil Industries:-

M/s. National Foods Industries Ltd, M/s. Dairy Fresh Yogurt , M/s. Lever Brother Pakistan Ltd,M/s. Evian Edible Oil Industries Ltd, M/s. Vazeer Ali Industries Ltd, M/s. Hydri Cooking Oil Industries Ltd, M/s. Habib Arcady Ltd, and So many more similar Industries since 3 – decades satisfactorily.

International :

M/s.  –  M/s. Atlantic Grease & Lubricants Mfg.Co. ( U.A.E.), M/s. Stallion Lubricant L.L.C (U.A.E.) and very soon more Industries Listed with us. as Pakistan.

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